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Rejuvenating Purple Berry Patting Water Pack


Country of Origin: South Korea

Volume: 200ml

For all skin types

  • Product Description

    We’d like to introduce the newly innovated Rejuvenating Purple Berry Splash Mask, with all the benefits of traditional mask products but condensed into a 15-second ritual as opposed to 20 minutes out of your busy day. This all-in-one treatment will enhance your skin’s elasticity, brighten up your complexion and firm up sagging skin. Containing five different types of berries, polyphenol and anthocyanin assist in anti-aging as well as providing essential antioxidants to protect your skin. Enjoy brighter, younger and healthier skin.


    A concentrated blend of lactic acid and botanical extracts found within the Splash Mask assists in smoothing out tired and stressed skin while increasing natural radiance.

    • Orange Extract – moisturizes, soothes, cleans and softens the skin
    • Glycerin – softens and moisturizes the skin

    This product works effectively on firming up your skin and increasing hydration while eradicating a dull complexion.

    Addresses These Skin Concerns

    • Dryness
    • Dullness
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Loss of elasticity

    Free From

    Blithe is a cruelty-free beauty brand which is free of fragrance, artificial colorants, synthetic preservative, and parabens. It is ideal for ALL skin types including the most sensitive of skin.