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Honest TT Mist


Country of Manufacture: South Korea

Volume: 40ml

For all skin types

  • Product Description

    The Honest TT Mist is crafted for all skin types, and it works best when used to refresh skin. It’s all natural and mild formula contains tea tree extracts, sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera, glycerin and other ingredients all incorporated without the use of chemicals and additives. These all natural ingredients combine in this formula to keep skin balanced, free of wrinkles and healthy as well.


    • Tea tree leaf water extract moisturizes and hydrate skin at a cellular level.
    • Tea tree extract has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities that help to correct and address blemishes, aid in sebum control and maintain healthy moisture levels.
    • Sodium hyaluronate extract intensely moisturizes skin and encourages better retention of water in skin too.
    • Aloe vera extract helps to monitor skin sebum levels, preventing oiliness and dryness.
    • Glycerin extract addresses any sores, irritation, redness and acne flare-ups. With strong anti-inflammatory qualities, glycerin helps to keep skin looking fresh for hours on end.

    Addresses These Skin Concerns

    • Skin loses water and oil balance
    • Pores and blemishes
    • Sensitive and Redness

    Completely Hypoallergenic!

    Benton is a skin care brand against animal testing. Their products are hypoallergenic and free from the following:
    Parabens, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Benzophenone, Synthetic Preservatives, Steroids, Synthetic Perfumes, Artificial Color