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Honest Cleansing Foam


Country of Manufacture: South Korea

Volume: 150ml

For all skin types

  • Product Description

    The Honest Cleansing Foam is crafted for all skin types and to gently cleanse skin without drying it out. It’s all natural and mild formula contains powerful ingredients such as palm oil, camellia japonica seed oil, camellia Sinensis extracts and more that nourish skin and help control the production of sebum. Its unique formula is perfect for balancing oil production and work as a shield, helping to keep skin happy and healthy.


    • Palm oil extract moisturize and hydrate skin at a cellular level.
    • Herbal extract works together to correct different types of damage in different skin types.
    • Has a pH level of 6.5 that is gentle on skin and closer to the natural pH levels of the skin.

    Addresses These Skin Concerns

    • Skin loses water and oil balance
    • Pores and blemishes
    • Excessive sebum and dead skin cells
    • Sensitive and Redness

    Completely Hypoallergenic!

    Benton is a skin care brand against animal testing. Their products are hypoallergenic and free from the following:
    Parabens, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Benzophenone, Synthetic Preservatives, Steroids, Synthetic Perfumes, Artificial Color