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Arbutin Illuminating & Cleansing Bubble Mask


Country of Manufacture: South Korea

Volume : 25g x 3 pcs

For all skin types


  • Product Description

    Say hello to glowing and dewy skin with the Lovemore Bubble Mask Collection. Infused with different natural ingredients for brightening, moisturizing and nourishing complexion, this two in one mask collection achieves both deep cleansing and skincare purposes in one step. The processing extracts of various natural plants such as fermented soybean and mistletoe forms rich bubbles through carbonic acid that deeply penetrate into the skin to cleanse pores.

    Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating & Cleansing Bubble Mask:
    Locks in water to reduce the signs of fatigue and strain for a stress-free appearance. Achieves whole day moisturizing result.

    Arbutin Illuminating & Cleansing Bubble Mask:
    Perfects with Arbutin to give your skin visibly even skin tone and brightening result irregularities.

    Tea Tree Oil-control & Cleansing Bubble Mask:
    Formulated with tea tree ingredients that are effective for oil-control and treats acne

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